We define holistic as the intimate understanding of the individual parts that make up the whole.

What this means to us when we apply it to baking or as we call it “holistic baking” is the understanding that every ingredient and process plays its part in creating a good finished product. We then take it one step further and try to understand the people who eat our products and the effect of that product on that person’s body. A good finished product by our standards start with natural, high quality ingredients that fuel the body while pleasuring the taste buds.

Holistic living is understanding that the way you treat your body and your mind makes a huge impact on your overall health.

Tavia Van Damme Co-Owner, Program Director, and Head Coach at CrossFit Canuck

Exercising in a way that increases mobility, flexibility and dexterity will allow us to participate in life to the fullest extent well into our senior years.

Living in a manner that increases mindfulness, openness and a willingness to try new things will help us learn and grow in experience and understanding.


Tavia explains that “exercise and nutrition should be natural, unpredictable, and diverse. It should mirror the patterns that allowed our prehistoric ancestors to hunt, gather and outrun predators. In order to conserve limited resources, daylight, movement should also maximize the amount of work done in a short amount of time. Eating high quality, local, and seasonal foods will help ensure that we provide the body with all the essential nutrients needed for optimal health and wellness . Doing so is what allowed our ancestors to survive, grow and adapt in an extremely harsh environment.

Out of this idea CrossFit was born. An evidence-based regiment built upon functional exercises that emphasize safety, efficacy and efficiency allows those living in a society built on convenience to reconnect with the movements that maximize health. Such exercises include: body weight exercises such as jumps, throws, catches, pull-ups, dips and handstands; Olympic weight lifts like clean and jerk, snatch, squat, dead lift and power-clean; in addition to biking, running, swimming and rowing. According to Crossfit.com, “these are the core movements of life, found everywhere, and built naturally into our DNA,”.”

“There are a million individual ways in which we can improve health. We can cut out processed foods, join a gym, or even attempt to change a few habits like eating too quickly and getting too little sleep. We are all very unique in our biological, emotional and spiritual needs, but eating and moving in a manner that improves mindfulness and well-being will allow us to live a happy, healthy, and meaningful life.”

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Incredible! Phenomenal! Wondrous!… Just a few of the many appropriate words used to describe that most fascinating and complex organ, the brain.


Weighing in at approximately 3 pounds, and about the size of your 2 fists put together (fingers and palms facing each other), this champion is the control centre for everything we do. It controls our thinking, our emotions, and our body’s functions. How fast our heart beats, our breathing and temperature, how we learn, remember, behave, create, our perception of ourselves and the world around us, the activity in the brain never stops. Billions and billions of neurons are creating and sending innumerable amounts of messages at staggering speeds all the time.

The brain has often been likened to a computer, having both hardware and software. The hardware would be the physical structure, chemistry, and functioning of the brain, and the software would be the programming, in other words the non-physical. This includes perceptions, imagination, beliefs, awareness of consciousness or what we typically understand as our mind. The two are not separate, you can’t affect one without affecting the other. So a holistic approach towards our health and wellness is essential in optimizing our lives because truly, the brain takes part in all we are, physical and non-physical, and every part has an impact on the others.

There are many good habits that we can implement in our lives to maximize our brain-mind health. Diet and nutritional supplementation, regular physical exercise and activities, structural care, soft tissue care, and other manual therapies are very important in keeping us working properly. So too is managing our thoughts, feelings, habits, and behaviors. Unfortunately, along with life’s stresses and anxieties, most of us have had some kind of trauma in our lives. These can leave us living with unhealthy and/or unpleasant states of being. These states can be conscious or unconscious. We can often have emotional reactions to things without even understanding why. Emotional reactions have a physical effect on us. For example: anxiety causes us to produce stress hormones, which can have a negative impact on our body’s health. There are a number of mind body therapies and practices that can boost the mind’s positive effect on the body. An excellent technique for working with the unconscious reactions that we wish to change is hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy is the therapeutic use of hypnosis to create subconscious (unconscious) change. This change comes in the form of new responses, attitudes, behaviours, or feelings. Typically very relaxing and enjoyable, hypnotherapy has a long list of valuable applications. There are countless success stories to substantiate the benefits of this non-invasive technique and research on it’s effectiveness as a primary therapy or adjunct to other techniques is extensive.

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