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Gluten-Free Nut-Free Vegan Chickpea Salad sandwich on Teff Bread
Whisked Gluten-Free Team
Women owned and operated gluten-free bakery

Simply put

This is a Cinderella story about two women who met in 2008 while working in the administrative office of a Fortune 500 company. One had worked for this company for over 20 years (Chris) the other was barely 25 years in age (Mel) and was just starting with the company. The office environment was that of comraderie so naturally, the 25 year old quickly fit in with this group of ladies who to this day still meet for the occasional good laugh and glass of wine.

  • Although Mel moved on through various promotions and eventually to a new company, the two who had bonded over a passion for baking continued to exchange recipes and eventually talked about taking a few amateur baking classes together. Both Mel and Chris had dreams of one day owning a bakery or café but back then, this was just a fantasy they loved to talk about. Mel found out she was gluten-intolerant some years back and couldn’t find products that she could enjoy in either taste or texture and when she could find something, the nutritional content just wasn’t there. Having been an athlete all her life she was very aware of the food she put in her body and therefore started developing her own gluten-free products from scratch

    As time went on and the more they talked, Chris and Mel who once had separate ideas naturally put their heads together and discussed the possibility of collaborating to create something original and authentic that would fulfill a need in the market.

    After spending about a year developing a business plan, going back to school to learn some fundamental commercial baking techniques and developing recipes, they decided to put their Gluten-Free products out for a test run. The company was founded on June 7th 2014 when they invited over 60 people in the basement of Mel’s condo building to try various Gluten-Free products and give feedback. The feedback was so overwhelmingly positive that the two decided to put their full strength behind this business and moved forward with the business plan.

  • They searched and searched for the perfect location and after 6 long months, they finally found their home at 4-1970 Ellesmere Road and began the construction process. After a very grueling construction period, Whisked Gluten-Free opened its doors on May 16th 2015 and hasn’t looked back since.

    You often will hear Chris say “I love life and life loves me!” This has quickly become our internal company mantra because that is what baking is all about for us. It’s about new beginnings, it’s about taking some risks to follow your dreams no matter what stage of life you’re in and what struggles you have gone through.

    Update: We are a proud female owned Canadian business, it hasn't always been easy with start-up growing pains and the pandemic. Yet despite all of this, as of June 2022 we are still alive and kicking. We have developped over 300 unique gluten-free products including vegan and keto options and we have tripled our head count and our oven capacity.

    Fun Facts: You can often hear the gluten-free bakers whistling or singing while they roll bread or decorate cakes. We always know when a new employee feels at home when they start singing along too.

    We thank everyone who have supported us through our journey thus far and rest assured we have great plans in the works and more new products to come!

Gluten-Free Nut-Free Chocolate cupcake with brownie and salted caramel

People always ask us how we make our food taste so good despite the fact that it's all Gluten-Free.

Our answer is always:

"WE LOVE WHAT WE DO and we Strive to perfect our craft!".

It's our not so secret ingredient and that is the true taste of quality.

Mountain Brownie Cupcake