• Everybody needs a little help at some point in their lives. We have been fortunate enough to have been surrounded by a number of helping hands throughout our lives so this is our way of paying it forward.

    As Canadians, we sometimes take food for granted. We always know where our next meal is coming from and this tends to cause us to waste a lot. We always hear that in the next 30 years our world’s natural resources will not be able to sustain our population. The truth is, if we made better use of all that is wasted and started consuming what our bodies actually need we would have a world where nobody goes hungry.

    It’s time that we as consumers, communities and businesses started recycling what can be salvaged especially if it will help feed a child or a family that goes hungry every single day.

    Whisked Gluten-Free’s ZERO-WASTE PROGRAM means that no edible food goes to waste. Products that are not fit for sale (i.e. cracks, overcooked, day-old inventory, etc) will be donated to 5N2 and served to families in need in the Scarborough Community.

  • Seema DAvid 5n2 soup kitchens

    Making a Difference

    5N2 Soup Kitchens serves free, healthy soups and meals to the Scarborough community five days a week to 800 people in need. Their vision is to work towards a hunger-free community where a meal is available to all who need it.

    We are committed to doing our part in changing the way we look at food! We challenge you to do the same!

5n2 Soup Kitchens


Proud Partner To 5n2 Soup Kitchens As Part Of The Whisked Gluten-free Zero Waste Program



We partner with local colleges and high schools to help teach the next generation of bakers in a commercial setting! Join in on the Fun!

Learn how to:

✓ Scale recipes
✓ Mask and Decorate Cakes
✓ Pipe cookies
✓ Work in a fast paced commercial environment
✓ Shape and Bake Bread
✓ Master Pie Pastry
✓ Integrate cooking with baking
✓ Learn about the fastest growing specialty food trends in the industry

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