Frequently Asked Questions

Women owned and operated gluten-free bakery

Is everything you make Gluten-Free?

YES! We are a certified dedicated Gluten-Free Facility.

Are you a Nut-Free and Peanut-Free Facility?

YES! We are now a DEDICATED PEANUT and TREE-NUT FREE facility as of August 2019.

We actually stopped producing with nuts in May 2019, but to ensure that all traces had been eliminated, we went through a sanitizing protocol throughout or facility.

We replaced all air filtration in our HVAC system for airborne particles, we cleaned and sanitized all ovens, small wares, walls, ceilings, etc. We replaced all porous small wares such as wooden rolling pins and cutting boards and we went as far as replacing all employee footwear and uniforms. We take the safety of our customers very seriously so on top of all the cleaning we also went through a 3 month multi-inventory turnover period and we have re-adjusted our ingredient supplier safety protocols to ensure a nut-free production environment. If you have any questions or concerns about our products and their ingredients as well as our sanitizing process, please feel free to reach us directly at 416-633-6313.

Do you use Soy in your products?

NO! We are also a dedicated soy-free facility!

We are proud to work with quality suppliers especially in chocolate production where we source organic fair trade vegan, and soy free white and dark chocolate.

Do you use Dairy in your products?

We use dairy in the facility but have a wide variety of dairy-free options to choose from!

Do you have Vegan options?

YES! We have a wide variety of products suitable for vegan diets and we are constantly growing our recipe portfolio!

If you have any vegan product ideas you would like to see from us, please shoot us a message!

Do you use Potato starch/flour in your products?

NO! We do not use potato flour or starch in any of our products because it belongs to the Nightshade Family and can cause issues for people with multiple food sensitivities and or who suffer from IBS, Crohn's or Colitis. We only use potatoes in our Potato and Bacon Quiche.

Do you use Corn in your facility?

We do not like to add corn starch or other corn derivatives in any of our products.

Unfortunately some products like icing sugar use trace amounts of corn starch to prevent the sugar from sticking. We are actively looking for a suitable replacement.

I have multiple food sensitivities, is it possible for you to modify a recipe?

Unfortunately, no, to ensure quality, our recipes have been fine-tuned over years of baking, although it sounds simple to adjust a recipe, it’s quite complex.

We do however try to have at least one option for everyone. Please ask our knowledgeable staff for help identifying products you can have.

Do you make any sugar-free products, or can you substitute the sugar for xylitol, stevia, or monk fruit substitutes?

YES! Although we have a limited product line right now, we are constantly creating and developing new products.

We currently offer a sugar-free coconut cake that is also Keto. Stay tuned!

Do you use refined sugar?

We only use refined sugar in products or components that require them in the baking process, otherwise we prefer using organic unrefined cane sugar, pure maple syrup, organic coconut palm sugar or monk fruit.

Do you make birthday cakes?

YES! We have an extensive selection of Gluten-Free cakes as well as vegan, dairy-free, and egg-free options.

We have en excellent inhouse cake expert that can create a variety of custom designs as well!

Do you deliver?

YES we deliver locally in the GTA for a $20.00 flat rate. Note that we use third party couriers and we try our best to ensure all deliveries arrive on time and in good condition, however somethings are out of our control.

Do you make Wedding Cakes?

YES! we are happy to offer full service Wedding cake design and sweet table execution for your special day!

Please schedule a Tasting with our staff. The cost is $100.00 which we will credit towards your invoice if you choose to move forward.