Is everything you make Gluten-Free?
YES! We are a certified dedicated Gluten-Free Facility.

Do you use Soy in any of your products?
NO! We are also a soy-free facility! The only product that has soy is the Toufayan Wraps which are not made by Whisked.

Do you use Potato flour/starch in any of your products?
NO! We do not use potato flour or starch in any of our product because it belongs to the Nightshade Family and can cause issues for people with multiple food sensitivities and or who suffer from IBS, Crohn's or Colitis. We only use potatoes in our Potato and Bacon Quiche.

Do you use Corn in any of your products?
We do not like to add corn starch or other corn derivatives in any of our products. Unfortunately some products like icing sugar use trace amounts of corn starch to prevent the sugar from sticking. We are actively looking for a suitable replacement.

Are you a nut free facility?
YES! We are now a PEANUT and TREE-NUT FREE dedicated facility as of August 2019. We actually stopped producing with nuts in May 2019, but to ensure that all traces had been eliminated, we went through a sanitizing protocol throughout or facility. We replaced all air filtration in our HVAC system for airborne particles, we cleaned and sanitized all ovens, small wares, walls, ceilings, etc. We replaced all porous small wares such as wooden rolling pins and cutting boards and we went as far as replacing all employee footwear and uniforms. We take the safety of our customers very seriously so on top of all the cleaning we also went through a 3 month multi-inventory turnover period and we have re-adjusted our ingredient supplier safety protocols to ensure a nut-free production environment. If you have any questions or concerns about our products and their ingredients as well as our sanitizing process, please feel free to reach us directly at 416-633-6313.

Are you Peanut-Free? Yes!
See above!

I have multiple intolerances, is it possible for you to modify a recipe for me?
Unfortunately, no, to ensure quality, our recipes have been fine-tuned over years of baking, although it sounds simple to adjust a recipe, it’s quite complex.

Do you make any sugar-free products, or can you substitute the sugar for xylitol, stevia, or other sugar substitutes?
We have found a suitable, healthy sugar substitute. We are currently developing a special sugar-free product line for our diabetic customers. STAY TUNED!

Do you use refined sugar?
We only use refined sugar in products or components that require them in the baking process, otherwise we prefer using organic unrefined cane sugar, pure maple syrup and or organic coconut palm sugar.

Do you make birthday cakes?
Yes, we do, we have an extensive selection of Gluten-Free cakes as well as vegan, dairy-free, and egg-free options.

Do you make wedding cakes?
Absolutely! We make everything from custom wedding cakes, sweet tables and wedding and shower party favours, please visit out Weddings and Events page for pictures of some of our work!

Where can I find the nutrition facts of all our products?
You can find the nutrition facts by clicking on the link below or in the health and nutrition section of our website under nutrition facts. Nutrition Facts


Do you deliver?
Yes! We deliver all products right to your door anywhere in the GTA from Tuesday to Saturday. Deliveries generally arrive between Noon and 5pm depending on traffic and order volume and costs $15.00+hst.

Want to save the delivery fee? When you spend $50.00 or more you can select store pick-up at checkout and pick-up at any of our 20+ third party pick-up locations! Click here for more details

Do you deliver cakes?
Yes, we can deliver cakes and cupcakes within the Greater Toronto Area. We deliver Tuesday-Saturday in the afternoon between Noon-5PM, we cannot guarantee the time of delivery. Delivery fees will depend on the location but range from $15.00+HST. We use a third-party courier service for GTA deliveries and cannot guarantee the state of which the product will arrive in, however we do our best to make sure all deliveries are packaged properly for a safe arrival. Pick-up is generally the best option for special orders. We do not offer Canada wide delivery on Cakes at this time.

Do you deliver outside of the GTA?
Yes we do! We deliver select items via overnight shipping carrier to Southern Ontario and Southern Quebec and we have a third party pick-up location in Pickering, Hamilton, Barrie and Wasaga Beach! Simply select store-pick up at checkout. All products are labelled where they ship. 

Do you have a retail store we can shop at?
Absolutely! Our walk-in store is located at 1970 Ellesmere road, unit 4, in Toronto, ON, M1H 2W1, we are open Tuesday-Thursday: 11-6, Friday-Saturday: 9-6, and Sunday 11-4.

Do you plan on opening any other locations?
That is one of the best compliments we get! Most of our products are available for online purchase and we ship everywhere in Canada. We never leave any opportunity off the table, so you never know, we may decide to open more locations if the business makes sense.

Do you ship to the USA?
Not currently, but we are exploring options.