Here at Whisked it’s our mission... To make products that are allergy-friendly focusing specifically on gluten allergies and intolerances. It is our goal to provide high quality gluten-free products made from the best ingredients that are great tasting, have a high nutritional content and are priced at a fair market value.

Health and nutrition are at the forefront of why we built this company. We wanted to provide the gluten-free community with products that are great tasting without compromising nutritional value. All of our “everyday products” such as breads, muffins, and even cookies were created with nutrition in mind by adding additional high protein grains, fiber and reducing sodium, refined sugars and modified starches.

Taste and Ingredient Quality are our top priority. We believe that our products are good because of what we put in them, not because of what it costs to make them. Our product integrity goes hand in hand with our market integrity. Although we are in no-way shape or form a Not-For-Profit Company, we believe in providing our customers with a Fair Market Price for the products they buy and the ingredients we put in them.

Community is central to our mantra and is two fold:
1. We are a proud Canadian Company! From the ingredients we buy to the places we sell, we try to support our Canadian growers and small businesses to help drive the Canadian economy. Where imports are necessary, we consider products that are Organic and Fair Trade which helps farmers and small businesses in world economies.
2. We support local charities. Please visit our Community Outreach page for more information.

Passion for our craft drives our success. It takes true passion and determination to be the people we are and make the products we sell.

We put a lot of tender love and care in every
bite so it’s perfect just for you!